4 tips from the Social Media Examiner, Evangelize Your Brand !

The social media examiner is without a doubt the best source of great ideas.

Take a look at this article.



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34 Responses to 4 tips from the Social Media Examiner, Evangelize Your Brand !

  1. Swanson, Jerry says:


    Bob and I will check this out.


    Sent with Good (www.good.com)

  2. alexis71 says:

    I like how the article recognizes that more Facebook fans doesn’t directly mean more sales, but also that many sales might be influenced by the Facebook presence. I think often small companies get caught up in increasing their Facebook following and lose sight of the idea that the whole point of Facebook is to raise awareness of and drive sales of your company. I think tracking is important to see if there is an kind of correlation between Facebook activity and sales.

    Justin Price

  3. Miranda Meyer says:

    I really liked this article, and especially liked how they showcased a particular company and the exact steps they were taking regarding their Facebook fan page. I also liked how the article highlighted the fact that Facebook is used for personal connections so companies should tailor their pages to be more personal. The point that was made about posting a video or picture with every post was also very accurate. When scanning their news feed, most people are more likely to stop at a photo or video than something with just words. Overall, the article was very interesting and entertaining to read and made a lot of good points about the correct way for a company to use Facebook to their advantage.

  4. Natascha Birk says:

    This article is one of the best I wrote about Facebook associated with product placement during the last weeks. It lists exactly what is needed to reach the people and get active response from them. Like already mentioned, they recognized that more Facebook followers doen’t mean more sales and just because you get a lot of likes you won’t be more successful.
    They use another way to get more awareness of their prodocts, they try to go a step towards their potential customers to get more response and to actively involve them into their business. This usually means more word-of-mouth as well as more feedback from and more knowledge and information about their customers.
    More companies should read this article to reconsider their marketing tactics on social networks like Facebook, they would be surprised about the results they would gain.

  5. GG says:

    One of the comments on the original post indicated that the company was having a hard time driving traffic through it’s facebook page without feeling like it was pushing it products on others. This article highlighted what a great job the window company is doing providing facilities that people would want to use (the 4 door comparison) and allowing this to drive traffic rather than aggressive promotions. Imagine successful promotion on facebook is a delicate line between direct and indirect advertising.

  6. I liked this article. I tend to tune stuff out on Facebook that appears to be advertisements, so the advice provided of making things personal is sound. People, myself included, are often very visual. I tend to skim past stuff on Facebook and pay attention only to the pictures, so their suggestion of getting visual is a good one. I regularly leave my opinion, as I hold a lot of them, so giving fans the opportunity to voice their thoughts and feel like they count is a good way to increase people’s interest and loyalty in your brand. Overall, valid suggestions for social media marketing.

  7. Andrew S. says:

    This article does a good job to show how a company can maximize Facebook’s platform to increase business. Facebook, despite the heavy commercialization of its product, is rooted in personal connections. So it is good to see that the door company is taking steps to highlight that fact. Getting personal with their users lets them feel like they have a bond with the company, which is a divergence from other aggressive product promotions all over Facebook now. I feel the article has done well in capturing the emerging social media landscape and how to best set yourself up to benefit from it.

  8. reganhenry says:

    It goes to show that any kind of publicity, bad or good, is actually good publicity. It gets the word out about the company and some people actually want that kind of door, which is the company’s mission. The mission is not just about selling doors. People like personal stuff on facebook, sepecially pictures that strike up a conversation. The more people comment, the more it shows up recently in news feeds, the better the reach. This is great for a small business with a limited fanbase.

  9. Rachel Anderson says:

    This article made really great points that are easy to follow. I liked that they had an actual business to highlight each step. The emphasis on visual content is something popping up for many different social media sites.

  10. Lindsey Gericke says:

    I think this is a good article. Facebook is a great platform for small businesses to increase awareness about their company and their products. I think the “tips” in the article are applicable to multiple types of products and companies.

  11. I feel like Crestview came up with a great plan to market on Facebook and they implemented it incredibly well. They got lucky when they realized that more family-oriented posts got them more likes compared to posts that were just business related. Crestview then ran with that idea and they have received praise from such articles as this one. I also loved their response to Lowe’s weird social media attempt with the ugliest door thing. Very clever.

    Sean Allshouse (I put my name because wordpress won’t let me log in)

  12. rose says:

    Interesting article. I 100% agree you have to be personal. You will and cannot gain facebook fans or exposure by shoving a sales message down users throats. Regardless of your business type you have to try and relate to your customer base. Photos are huge! I agree that to get more likes photos and visuals are key. Just look at Pinterest. This supports the idea that photos are vital to social media.

  13. Brett says:

    I thought this article was very interesting and it just goes to show you that all exposure bad or good is exposure none the less and can still get your name out there.

  14. whitneycoen says:

    I liked how this article emphasized the importance of “getting personal” with customers via Facebook. I think Crestview did a good job of realizing that Facebook is more informal and people are looking for casual information and pictures. They made their page more about customer interaction and less about pushing a product onto customers, which is a huge part of their success. I also liked how the article highlighted the importance of measurement. Because Crestview was measuring their social media efforts, they were able to be more strategic and quickly capitalize on social media opportunities.

  15. Dominic Calabrese says:

    This article was pretty interesting. First off, I had no idea that a small custom retro door company could garner so much attention on Facebook. That just goes to show you how easy it can be to get your product out there using social media that is available every where. I was somewhat surprised at how ineffective the Facebook ads and pay for posts turned out to be. I suppose people are more inclined to pay attention when it is a personal appeal rather than an advertisement where you know they are just trying to get you to buy something.

  16. tadinadab says:

    Nice article. It is indeed really important for small business to get personal. That is the major advantage they offer to customers over larger companies. They have to grow relationships which will eventually translate to sales.

  17. John Hoover says:

    One thing they failed to mention is that the photo is not just a good idea for getting shares, it also commands more attention on a user’s Facebook feed. A text post is easy to overlook and longer posts can get cropped, however, a photo has to be displayed a decent size and therefore won’t as easily be lost in all the chatter.

  18. Lauren Hogan says:

    The tips in this article would be helpful for many business that are joining social media. It is a very smart way to do business because your customers or curious potential customers are the ones that are doing the marketing for your business by sharing/ replying on the pages. Socail media is also a great way for people to have a positive perspective about a company because they feel involded with some of the things that are going on.

  19. Josh Roberts says:

    Its odd how you can post something completely irrelevant to your business and get more views. Its seems people would rater look at something more interesting than doors. Perhaps if your product looked cool then you would not have to rely on finding interesting photos to catch people’s eyes.

  20. Samantha says:

    I like this article. I think it shows real well how important Facebook can be as a communication and marketing tool for our businesses. What a neat company to have this happen to, Crestview Door’s creative nature shines through in their attitude and actions after winning Lowes ‘Ugliest Door Contest’. They wasted no time in reaching out to connect with thoses that would be inquiring because of the contest and were able to incease their reach more than four-fold. I think Crestview has developed a simple, clean, straightforward approach to connecting more deeply with it’s Facebook friends – and I love how the accidental photo lead to a lot of that relationship development. I think their story sets a good example of how we can evolve over time into a more solid brand image.

  21. Daniel Dean says:

    Great story on how to use Negative PR to your advantage. The Lowes post not only forced consumers to pick a side (good or bad design), but also encouraged individuals to to be unique. Crestview has done a nice job of keeping their Facebook fans engaged with their products, but they need to find a way to monetize their online popularity. Posting relevant pictures about new products with links to a “Buy it Now” page, will allow them to track real time Click to Sale conversion rates.

  22. Megha Rao says:

    A great article demonstrating that companies should do something different- get personal to be able to sell products. It also shows that any kind of publicity is still publicity. Also shows that Facebook is a great social media platform that helps businesses advertise their products, reach out to people and build relationships.

  23. Thats pretty sweet! It shows how you can build the image of your company up and moniter how many people like it and share it with others. You can really see your reach with everything you put out there

  24. Sarah Robinson says:

    I enjoyed reading this article because not only does it tell you what you should to do properly market to people thought social media, Facebook in this case. It shows you what to do by giving visuals. And made really good points throughout the whole article.

  25. Brandon Tiesing says:

    Interesting article that gives a true inside look at how a small business is utilizing social media and the important role that it can play. People love to interact with brands and see brands interact with each other – but people really want their brands to have a personality. Crestview could easily be just another place to get a door, but the social media aspect lends weight to the brand’s personality. They made a great choice to interact with a nationally recognized brand, but it’s important to note that they would not have had the chance if they didn’t have a social media presence already!

  26. Tarun Gupta says:

    Nice Article. It shows how one can increase awareness about their products and can reach more people through social media. Social media is an important tool and if utilized in a smarter way, can help market and sell products.

  27. B. Thomas says:

    It’s an interesting article but the author keeps talking about 7.1% of sales and never really explains one detail (Unless I missed it). Was the 7.1% of sales a change from the previous 6-month/year? Directly linked to this question and again I might have missed it, did overall sales grow? I was left with a lot more questions than answers.

  28. trentrodgers says:

    Crestview basically stumbled upon this ingenious idea and sometimes thats all it takes to see the opportunity in something. They knew that their following on facebook was relatively small. I agree facebook is more personal and when a business is trying to communicate a sale or ad they need to personalize and tailor the message towards their target market. I also believe the more you post the more aware your customers will be towards the product you are offering.

  29. JCarlile says:

    Social media channels must be used in the way that “real people” use them. Each channel is different and those differences are integral to using the channel successfully. Small businesses have a great ability to show the human aspect and be perceived as “real people,” relative to larger companies. This article does a great job of showing the impact the personal aspect can have when using the right channel in the intended way.

  30. lucie says:

    This article summarizes very well the main tricks to get attention on facebook.
    Last year, I did my internship in a social network of home “KOZIKAZA”.
    Every day we posted something on the facebook page of the site.
    We observed the same rules: always a picture with the post (with colors), involved members of the site (surveys, request for advice to help a member for chosing a color for its kitchen …), being personal (for instance, when the site has reached 20,000 members we posted a photo of the team drinking champagne) and the last, but not least, measure the results. Every week we looked at the stats on the page and saw what works best.
    Eventually, we knew exactly what to do and then, we could make a schedule post.
    These basics rules could help inexperienced manager to build their brand image on facebook.
    And obviously, it has become essential even for a door manufacturer !

  31. ajalden says:

    I find it very interesting how advertising in this medium is changing dramatically. At the start, it was just putting your name out there and hoping the customers would come to you. Now it has evolved to a much more interactive approach to advertising. This approach allows customers to engage the company on what they want and how companies should proceed. Facebook especially begins to act like a free focus group(presuming you have enough followers).

  32. sblouise says:

    It is a good reminder that FB is a personal site and that you are appealing to individuals there and not to your entire target market. Mostly because if they interact with your content, it shows up on their personal page and people care about what shows up on their news feed.

  33. Britnea Sidney says:

    Article is helpful in the sense that it puts Facebook out as a helpful tool and not the overwhelming social media it can be to those who are not knowledgable.

  34. Sam Guffey says:

    What the Crestview store did is great! They took something that a lot of people would find funny about their store and poked back at it. This is the humor that people in the country find funny today!

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